Fulness of God Evangelical Ministries - Book & Audio Summaries

Enemies of your destiny

Many people especially Christians have asked me this question "I have prayed and done all I could as a Christian BUT the hold remains unbroken, what else do I do?" I have seen marriage counsellors whose homes have become a battlefield. I have seen deliverance ministers with notable demonic oppressions. I have seen children of rich parents become wretched in life. Perhaps the enemy of your destiny is unknown to you; anyone that lacks understanding about the enemy is bound to dance to the tune of the enemy. But I see this book as a solution to your situation. I pray that the lord will give you understanding and call you to fight aright in Jesus name.

Rescue my child

In most causes, joy and gladness fills a home when a newborn baby arrives; parents are at their best for the arrival of this blessing in their marriage. Somehow, things begin to change and some parents never thought of the reason of the child in their home; they neglect their responsibility and allow the wind of life to blow the child into the wilderness of life. The child that was a joy when he came now becomes a reason for sorrow. Whereas, on the child arrival he cried immediately he come out of the womb. "I have come with a mission I have a purpose to fulfil; how will I get to my expected destination? How I wish the people that God has arranged to nurture me in his counsel will not fail God in my life." No matter how far the child has gone in the wilderness of life, the owner is always ready to RESCUE THE CHILD.

Fear Satan's snare

A lot of Christians in the den of fear. The devil does not touch your life until you are captured by fear. What do you do when you are ensnared with fear? How do you arrest fear before established? Find out in this mini book the Lord bless you.

Wisdom for home crises

Crisis in the home is quite natural and normal but not of God. God has ordained your home to be an example of a Christian home, where love and trust reign supreme. How does crisis enter the home? What do we do in times of crisis? How do I prevent home crisis? Find out from this book. The Lord bless you.

The voice of purpose

Sometimes, life looks like a mystery that cannot be understood; sometimes life looks good and quite enjoyable and sometimes looks like a hard nut that is difficult to break. I have discovered by the scriptures that life itself has no problems; neither can life work out any problems on its own. The real problem in life is MAN whatever you make life to be is exactly what you see in life. When life seems like a hard nut or a mystery that weighs you down, why you were born and where you are now. Perhaps you going through the pains and stress of overdue pregnancies. The greatest tragedy in life of a man is not death but to live withouit the knowledge of his purpose on earth. Life is meaningless and void of true happiness when you live outside God's purpose for your life. May God open your eyes to the reason for your creation in Jesus Name.